Arab Aluminum Company was established in 1978, where we have been committed to the highest standards in our business works based on integrity, honestly and transparency

Our Mission:

Every day we build a sustainable, integrated aluminum company founded on growth and successful long-term relationships with our customers, co-workers, suppliers’ communities and investors.


To lead the industry in Aluminum extrusion and surface metal treatment and contribute sustainable development for stakeholders with concentrating on local community, customers, employees and suppliers.


The development of safety and environmental processes is our main values and to achieve it we have developed a series of principles on which it bares its ethical code Through all of the means it has available, it nurturer the knowledge and application of these values and mechanisms of control and revision are established that guarantee their correct follow up and updating.

Strategic plan related to social responsibility

  1. Minimize the environmental impact
  2. Ensure that employees are motivated and involved in the continuous improvement of the company
  3. Maintain a close relationship with the client to guarantee client satisfaction
  4. Extend the commitment to the social responsibility to suppliers and sub-contracted companies.
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