Invitation to 43rd annual meeting of shareholders

To our shareholders;

you are cordially invited to attend the 43rd annual meeting of stakeholders of Arab Aluminum Industry Co. LTD (ARAL) that will be held at the company headquarter located at Ein Al-Basha on Saturday (13.04.2019) at 13:00 pm. The matters expected to be acted upon at the meeting are described in detail in the accompanying notice of annual meeting of stakeholders and proxy statement.

Our respected shareholders you are requested to attend the meeting in person or appoint a nominee of shareholders to attend this meeting or any other postponed meeting using the attached form of invitation  and  to deposit slips power of attorney to the company's headquarters located in Ein Al-Basha, three days before the date of Convocation.

Please shareholders who are not deposit their shares with the Securities Depository Center to provide us with their ID’s or passport (for non-Jordanians) and clear mailing address to save their data and to deliver them personally at the company's headquarter or sent via fax number 00962- 6 - 5347145 and shareholders who did not receive their meeting invitations to contact us by phone on 00962 - 6- 5343965 to correct addresses and receive invitations. We look forward to see you at the meeting.


Mohammed Abdel Razzaq Al-Dawood 

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